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"Actualize your website's ideas!"

Website – The online headquarters, the 24/7 dedicated worker, the first impression of customers when they see you – It’s your presence on the internet.


website design

Our services

► Design and development: Website, Landing page, Cart page

► Website management: creating content, updating, checking error, reporting periodically.

► Hosting

► Domain

► Mail server


the advantages of our web

Our advantages

► 100% closed source

► The interface is personalized to your business and synchronized with brand identity.

► Smart features and functions, SEO system, responsive website

► The optimal operation, simple management

► Integrated technologies: HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP, AJAX, CSS, Font Awesome, Responsive, Administrative Page, Multi-layered Security, Anti-hacking, Anti-DDos protection, etc.

► Lifetime guarantee


introduction website

Introduction website

A website solves all the basic needs, which will shape your business image and raise your credibility. It's also where you inform the official information and present your company, your services, your products.


business website

Business website

As an upgraded version of the introduction website, a business website shows its digital shelves intuitively. It also boosts your revenue through several sales supporters such as purchase system, online payment, and product management.


specialist website

Specialist website

A website serves a specific mission, to become a professional in sales and management of service industries (travel, hotel, restaurant, real estate, etc.). We will equip your website fully to deal with immense complicated tasks. Now you have known where you get your soldier trained.


customization website

Customization website

There is nothing that can classify your ideal website? Apparently that you need a special one. This website is built and optimized only for your demand. So that never is it limited by any boundary.


Service process

research and give advice about your website

1. Research & give advice

the contract of web design

2. Sign a contract

design and develop your website

3. Design & develop

approve the demo website

4. Approve the demo

Optimize your website

5. Optimize

publish the official website

6. Publish the official website

transfer source code and management instruction

7. Transfer & instruct

guarantee your website

8. Guarantee


Our offices

Can Tho office (more details)

 173 Nguyễn Tri Phương, P. An Khánh, Q. Ninh Kiều, TP. Cần Thơ


♦ Da Nang office (more details)

 909 Ngô Quyền, P. An Hải Bắc, Q. Sơn Trà, TP. Đà Nẵng


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