Digital Marketing

"Deploy the composite, optimal, comprehensive strategies of digital marketing."

You have an online portal and a complete digital product shelf, yet your journey to customers still not end. Never do they suddenly recognize that they need you, or even unknow your presence if you do nothing to create that moment.


digital marketing

Our advantages

► Giving free consultation about digital marketing in an all-conclusive and synchronous way

► Having an experienced team to observe the campaign full-time and support 24/7

► Real-time campaign management

► Affordable management cost

► Making your own decision on the ad budget

► Customizing the most effective campaign based on the budget

► Approaching your customers quickly, correctly, and durably.

► Deploying a composite strategy or focusing on an optional method (read more).

♦ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

♦ SEM (Search Engine Marketing), a combination of SEO and PPC

♦ PPC (Pay per Click) a pay-to-advertise method

♦ Display Network: ads are exhibited automatically in a network community through an auto-targeting mechanism.

♦ Social Marketing, Social Media Marketing

♦ Remarketing: Reminding your customers about their incomplete purchase via email.

♦ Retargeting: Following your customers around the internet to increase business chances.

♦ Inbound Marketing: Inspiring your customers from strangers to become promoters.


Our service



Search Engine Optimization

SEO | Retargeting

As the foundation of other digital marketing methods, SEO changes almost everything on your website, from its inside operation to outside appearance, to make it friendly to search engines and users. Your web not only ranks higher on the SERP in the long term but also self-improves its attractiveness and company identity.


google ads

Google AdWords

SEM | Search network | Display network | Ads sense

This service helps your ad rapidly become top results on the search page, automatically appear right at the moment when customers care about your services and products. Furthermore, its display range is noticeable, including Google Search, Google's social networks, and the system of websites linking with Google.


facebook ads

Facebook Ad

Display network | PPC | Social media marketing

Let's spread your message instantly and automatically on Facebook – The biggest social network in Vietnam. It owns a youthful and active community, an optional and self-learning mechanism to adjust the suitability between ads and users. Facebook ad is an excellent choice for a cost-effective commercial.


social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook | Instagram | twitter | Zalo

Let's publish and share creative contents about your business, services, and products. We provide varied social media services: content management, publication design, multi-media products, and brand identity boost.


email marketing

Email Marketing

Remarketing | Mass email | Email sequence

Setting up complete strategies: providing mail server, collecting customers' data, customizing mass email, sending referral email, creating email sequence, remarketing, etc.


Service process

research for your digital marketing campaign


the contract of the digital marketing campaign

Signing a contract

plan your digital marketing campaign


launch your digital marketing campaign


report the result of the campaign


optimize your digital marketing campaign



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